Monday, February 15, 2010

"No Matter Who I Hangout With"

This is my weekend in a nutshell. Below is the patio-this week the landlord will be pouring the slab so I'll have a patio of some sort again. I'm surprised I haven't fallen in that hole by my front door yet. The dogs have a few times.

Went thrifting Saturday. Found a few cool things. The Deseret had tons of these old funny alarms for 50 cents. I bought 4 and opened one-mine worked for like 2 sprays and now it just blows out ozone killing fumes. Kinda bummed -I was hoping to use it when I'd get an obscene phone call.

Size 10d mens ankle boots for (most likely) Ebay. Two old books dating from 1918 that I'll try to read. I'm a slow reader and I space out so it takes me a looooong time to read a book.

I believe these are Blakely glasses-they could just be styled like them? Eh, who cares they were only $1.50 each. My Roomie and I went to Joe's bbq in Gilbert Saturday. Do you believe I ate that WHOLE sandwich and both sides? God, how could you NOT.. it's so damn good. See what you missed out on McGoo? The drive is worth it!

In the parking lot of Last Chance and looking out our front window.

My curry plant is surviving and my bell pepper seeds have sprouted. Couldn't resist this pretty Lavender plant from Target. It had the biggest flowers of any Lavender plant I had ever seen. It also attracts hummingbirds. I had one fly right by me and flutter by my head for a few min's and I was able to put my hand right up near it.

The cat left a gift for us outside our bathroom window... sorry bird.

Chi Chi torture. Finally, we finished it off Sunday with a stop at Delux Burger-so delicious.


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Anonymous said...

I think I have that exact Buddha statue. Your plants look lovely!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Mind Pill=Thank you and ya know there is NO cure for our addictions oh MAN ha..

PaperDolls-I got that statue at an Estate Sale in Sun City years ago and thanks for the plant compliment ;o) I try..