Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Optical Illusions

There are more than just 3 young ladies in the pic.. there are 3 men. If you can see the 3 dudes you win bcuz I don't see them anywhere..

You think you see a big bearded mans head in this one but it's not. It's something WAY diff.. in all reality the guy has a young child in his lap with a big white bonnet on. Cover up the hair on the bearded guy and you will see.
You just think the one on the right looks smaller.. in all reality they are the same size. Translation is as follows:
“When you lay the figures next to each other in the same direction it appears that the one in front is bigger. Both are really the same size. Cut out these figures.” All illusions from here I love this kinda stuff!


Rob said...

faces in the trees... scary!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

OOH ok now I see them! I knew you'd be able to find them with your crazy eyes.

Flatironmike said...

yeah, but what about the other three guys 'skirting' the issue?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Mike, I don't see any guys in their skirts? You should prob smoke the stuff Rob does-that'll help. He He..It does look like a pair of eyes on the bottom ?? Maybe I need to smoke too! ha

Chris said...

1 in the tree; 2 beside the mill