Friday, April 9, 2010


Natalie is one of the baddest chicks in Chicago. She lived here for a bit and BOY was this night involved bushes, not THOSE kinds you pervs. Her Sister is also one of the baddest chicks. They are both super awesome artists see and Nat rides old motorbikes.
Bent Cactus on the way to Crown King.
Street art outside my fav store in LA "WACKO"

Allison, thank you so much for sending me the awesome CD.. i've been listening to it all night!!! SO GREAT!!!! Can't wait for your return.

Dear cell phone, I'm sorry I had to get rid of my internet and email through you.. it's def going to be a big black hole for me. It's hard to part with the instant access.. it's like a candy/wine store all in one for me. I need to save money for my summer trips and the extra cash saved will be nice. I will miss you dearly, but maybe it will be better off in the long run.. for now that is.

xo xo


allison orphan said...

ooh! the cd came quicky! hooray!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yes yes it sure did!! thank you so so much. love it