Monday, April 5, 2010


Some thriftfinds I got up in Prescott. This one thriftstore had like 6 old camera straps like this. I already own 3 but now I have one for all my old cameras.. I'm a nerd like that.

This one store had cool wall hangings that were made out of old license plates-Pretty rad!

Space Age Living.

I didn't know the Simpsons lived in Dewey!

This one thriftstore had a lot of great antique items for sale for pretty cheap. I only left with a record and an Aries glass.


EEEEEEK Turquoise galore in Prescott. Kills me.. it's hard for me deal with my huge paycut. I was living the high life before making $17 an hour, boy I was RICH and now i'm barely scraping by on $12. What hurt even more was a week after I bought my new car I got the paycut and my car payment is the same amount of money that they took away from me. I'm trying to sell stuff on the side to help fund other things but man o man it's frustrating.

I love the old signs up there on Whiskey Row.

The Achocolypse beer was pretty tasty.. as you can prob guess it was chocolate stout. I got the Willow Wheat tho..they were nice to let us sample a few drinks.

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