Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Eeeek those green bell bottoms are bad ass!!!!! I don't think I could travel this fashionably tho. Shit, I only bring a carry on bag when I travel bcuz I hate waiting in lines as it is when traveling plus I hate having to lug it around on my back if it weighs a ton. This also stems from the fact that I used to work for the airlines so when I'd fly I would never check a bag bcuz I didn't want it to get sent off on a plane that I was unable to get on. Now if I am driving somewhere that's a WHOLE different story. Not to worry tho, I don't take more than 30 min's or so to get ready. I think if it takes you more than an hour to get ready you are trying WAY too hard.

Models-Daria Werbowy & Lily Donaldson Pics by Mario Testino from Fashion Gone Rogue. Mr Testino did a great job on these pics-they are so lively and colorful.


Ms.Lou said...

I doubt those women had to carry the luggage.

Initials BB said...

love the last photo. one of my plan b's is to abdicate americanism and go raise llamas in peru. hang out chewing coca leaves and thinking up cute llama names all day.