Thursday, May 27, 2010


Banana Trees

SO first off let me tell you I'm getting Alzheimer's. I dropped one of my dogs off at my parents house and about an hour and a half out of town I realised I left my ATM/Debit card at home (thank God I had a credit card on me) then when I was leaving LA to head back to PHX I was 2 hours out and I get a call from Jazmine telling me I left my laptop and jacket on her counter-UGH!!! I really am losing my mind.. didn't the beastie boys have a lyric about losing their mind? Anyhooooooo, Acacia is so cute and smiley.. such a good lil baby. The kids love me. I'm also one of the few people that was able to put them to bed successfully. When I was leaving Mateo asked me where I was going and I said "Home" and he said "No Cindy, you're home is here in the guest house" awww.. So here are the rest of the pics I took from our Strawberry Farm adventure. I sure love Strawberries.

You see that lil shirt I have on? That's Mateo's. He's 5 years old! HA.. I was freezing in Irvine so I had to borrow it. I seem to forget that other places aren't as warm as PHX is.


Ms.Lou said...

Fun times! Jaz's family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

haha! you fit into a 5 year olds shirt! ha! i remember when i could do when i was 5.