Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mug Shots.

I got a damn $60 parking ticket when we got back to Venice Beach after the Biltwell 500. I wonder how hard it is to get out of a parking ticket. I'm going to try just for the fuck of it. I also got stuck in traffic going from Venice Beach to Temecula Wednesday night. It took me 4 HOURS!!! The 91 had me crawling at 15 miles per hour. I cried.. for real... traffic makes me cry.. shhhh don't tell the whole WORLD!
p.s. I don't know how to use this Mac book so well so forgive me that the pics are so small when you click on them.. i'm used to PC's..ugh. What am I doing wrong!


t said...

i got one in costa mesa.. couldn't even find the no parking for street sweeping sign.. it was under a tree down the street. How am I supposed to know that~!

Haley said...

I'm having all of my pictures taken in black & white from now on. P.S. expect a teeny tiny present in the mail this week.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

T-same here. the sign was behind us and we arrived after dark and didnt even see it. I hope I can get off.. $60 is a bit ridiculous!

Haley-YAY! FSK loves packages! thanks ;o) Oh and yes, Black and White is awesome!

woodenheart said...

i love your mug shots and your hair is super cute! we missed you around here but i'm glad you had a good time (minus the parking ticket).