Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Going to Seattle!!

I have never been and one of my best friends is currently residing on Whidbey Island for the winter months and so it's a great opportunity to go. If anybody has any recommendations of what to see, where to eat, etc let me know ;o) I did a survey on cars thru Schlesingers and they paid me almost $200 and gave me a free flip like video camera and all I had to do was answer about 10 questions and upload the videos to their site. Pretty freaking rad! Sorry Chicago, it was a tie between you and Seattle and since I grew up there I figure I should try something new. Dec 3rd woop woop..


t said...

Dec in Seattle.. can you change it for Mexico? I live right by Mercer Isl. Email me

matt machine said...

i was gonna say email t...but he did already.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

you guys' are awesome! T, thanks again for the info ;o) Now Matt, if only I could save enough money to visit OZ again....*sigh*