Wednesday, November 24, 2010


From a Russian Prison Tattoo book. They are hard to find and very pricey if you do find them. I love hand tattoos!

I added my FSK to the card I found in my Grandpa's stuff.

I got these to keep me warm when I am in Seattle next weekend.. Esp since Cindy said they don't have much for heat. I esp like the easy access butt panel. I liked the cute ones at Victoria Secret but they were $40 and didn't have an ass flap.. This was only $12 on Ebay. Maybe i'll bleach some hearts on it to make it cute.


Leora said...

hahahaa no WAY, i totally have those exact same jammies! i got them at the army surplus store a couple weeks ago! the hilarious butt flap is the best!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA! That's funny.. I wish that they were a lil bit softer tho and not so itchy! I also learned you can't wear underwear with them -duh haha