Friday, February 18, 2011

"Oh You Fancy Huh?"

My friend Mallory and I went out to this fancy ass resort in Phoenix after work for happy hour because I had some free drink and app's coupons to use up. It was a really nice resort and the drinks were delicious. I had the beef with fontina cheese (the cheese tasted like ass!!!) and Mallory had the flatbread, that was good. Happy hour specials at these resorts are a pretty good deal and a good way for me to kill time and not deal with rush hour traffic after work.

We had the "Jalisco Ward" drink which had -cuervo, blood orange, pomegranate, molasses, lemon and mint. It was delicious. We also had the Rose Margarita. If I have too much to drink I turn into a monster-see below -or as my friend Rob says-I'm "annoying and irritating" I didn't have too much to drink tho-I had to drive home. Today's my last day at my job of nearly 9 years!!! Kelley, the boss's wife brought me flowers. I haven't gotten flowers from anybody in YEAAAARRRRSSSS!

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Mallory said...

Can we do this again?