Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Speaking of bikes. Word on my bike is-it will be done by my B-day (Beginning of April) I have a few other girlfriends that are going to take the riding class with me so I will finally be legit. My friend Patrick taught me to ride my old CB175 in a school's parking lot about 7 years ago. I just never made it legit.


Anonymous said...

What's the US law said in case of "riding bike without drive licence" ???

Fashion Serial Killer said...

They Behead you!!! ;oP Nah, they'd prob just give you a ticket and maybe impound your bike? not sure.

Super71 said...

One day I'll get mine.
Screw magazine, I knew who Al Goldstein was at the young age of 12.

Leora said...

I did it here in California and it was pretty mellow but it was like 250 bucks. It does feel good to be legit though!

ps. yay early april birthdays! mine's the 2nd.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

that's rad Leora!!! It's about $225-$250 here as well. I think everybody is backing out on me so I may have to take it alone.

I'm April 6th! Aries UNITE!! No wonder you're so rad.