Thursday, March 10, 2011

Memory Lane.

My Dad's old '51 Merc, correct me if I am wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's a Merc. He was always building cool old cars when we were kids (but in my opinion he always put the WORST paint jobs on them).

That's me on the roof. I was about 13 years old. I helped my Dad and his buddy rebuild this old cabin in the woods in MN.

My Uncle looks like Paul Bunyan in this photo. So Tall. My Uncle Brian is 6'6!! I wish the tall gene would have passed down to me.

His old Honda 3 wheeler riding thru the swamp or marsh.

Lot's and lot's of dead deers. My Dad was an avid hunter when we were kids. He'd go hunting near his childhood home in Northern Minnesota every year. He was raised mainly in Hibbing, MN (Stingy Lake area?) We'd go every year to visit my Grandma who raised 4 boys in the middle of freaking NOWHERE!! My main memory is of the baby cows she let my brother and I name, the pony, chickens, the outhouse, brown eggs that freaked me out, wheat germ, making homemade jam, horse fly's and the gnarly wood ticks.

My Dad is on the right with his bike.

L to R- My Dad, Uncle Jon, Some dude named Ed and my Grandma. I remember being up there one year and my Dad pulled up to my Grandmas trailer and in the back of the mini van was a deer that had been hit by a car and it was STILL alive but badly injured. My Grandma came out with the shotgun and shot it dead. If there was ever a deer in the road when we were in the car he'd SPEED UP and try to hit it.. crazy. I still don't know if he was serious doing that or not.

My Dad above and looking like Borat below.

"Very nice, you like?" I spared you the bloody deers hanging from the garage ceiling and the pics of deers on the top of the old station wagons. My Dad is now just a cranky old man 90% of the time.


MotorParade said...

Wish my dad used to ride a XT. Cool pics!

Ms.Lou said...

That car was so cool to cruise in, the back seat could hold 4 kids comfortably. As for your cranky dad, it could be 'cause the hunting in AZ is not as good as MN. That is a huge deer hanging in the photo.

Chris said...

ppff your dad is too cool for school!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that yellow car is a Merc alright. Maybe with Packard tail lights?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

i just asked my Dad and he said 60 Oldsmobile tail lights put in sideways.

CHVRCH said... from that area. Nice post.