Thursday, March 31, 2011

That's B.S.

via here but 1st seen here
I really hated Bruce growing up bcuz my Mom loved him. I now know why she loved him. I guess I'm getting old? My Dog Ruby had a seizure tonight while running thru the grass near my house. She hasn't had one for years. Poor pup! Also, if anybody knows how to help when it comes to Mac computers and wifi let me know. My computer and this wifi connection just don't get along. It tells me "server not found" every 10 min's or so and if I don't get it figured out soon I wont be able to blog bcuz my computer will meet my wall.

Right now i'm really loving Fleet Foxes. It helps calm me down so my computer doesn't end up meeting the wall. How come there's not any cute talented boys like these in AZ? I would like to just roll around in the bed and listen to music with them. That's all.. no funny stuff.


David Bond said...

Still can't do it, had the talk just the other day about Bruce. His influences, were cool, and now he has been cutting "roots" tracks, but they still piss me off. All I see when I think about B.S. is all of the dick foolball players that I went to highschool with, blasting it out of their Camaro's.

Ijneb said...

Bruce rules! Him and i are from the same town, thats why im so cutsie!

David Himel said...

lol I am with you I was horrified because all the preppy kids were into the boss...I saw him live 10 years ago and was converted

hey while we are at it ....would you consider a link to my new blog ?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

anything for you Mr Himel! ;o)

Mr Bond-HAH yah, jocks sucked at my school =they always picked on us oddballs.

Benji-I always forget you are from Jersey!!