Monday, April 18, 2011


Bottom pic via Outsapop. I LOVE her nails! If I could only stop myself from biting the crap out of my nails I'd want them to look just like the ones below.


Psychedelicsister said...

Have you tried painting them?
When I was a biter in my younger years if I painted them it kept me from anihilating my nails. Now I love to have them painted black or red at all times and eventually broke the bad habit.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Ha, I've tried that. I've even tried fake nails. It works for a lil bit and then I rip them off...grrrrrr

Leora said...

I used a really fine sandpaper to matte my nail polish the other day and it worked really well! I'm totally gonna do the shiny tips like this! Yay, thanks for sharing!