Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dream Scenes.

I love wood floors that are painted white.

and the dark, but with lots of light.

Lot's of greenery would be swell as well

and more windows

finish it off with a teepee room to make s'mores, tell stories and listen to music in. Now If only I could figure out what to do with my life and what job i'd be good at and/or what I should go back to school for or what?!! So confused lately. My Mom keeps telling me i'm going to be homeless when I'm older and that I'm on a dead end road. I don't know why I have such a hard time with decisions. I'm getting too old to NOT have my shit together.
As Stevie Nicks says "I've Always Been a Storm"....


Psychedelicsister said...

I love white painted floors too, it's what they do in Sweden.

mq01 said...

i dig the creativity and truth that you share. maybe your purpose is to share your version of this very strange roadtrip that we are all on :)

ps, i love the bathroom surrounded in greenery

BCM said...

White floors or not I've always wanted that Ligne Roset togo sofa