Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been avoiding letting the dogs in the car after it took me 3 hours to vacuum all the dog hair out of it. This time I couldn't resist tho. I needed Ruby for protection. You never know what weirdos you will encounter when you venture into abandoned buildings alone. 
Treasures....there was a dead Rat in one (I left that one there) 
I love cool old buildings. This one is from Chicago.
My little Brother is a conductor on these trains. 
This was my burger at Kuma's -Lair of the Minotaur- it had brie, pears, caramelized onions. I split it with Haley bcuz I can't eat a whole burger, only a whole booger.
Here's a pretty cool playlist via Old Chum here. I'm off to watch my final Netflix movie, a documentary called Simon Schama: The Power of Art: Disc 1-this one has a short segment about one of my all time fav's Caravaggio! I canceled my Netflix after they announced their new terms/fees. 


wizard said...

caravaggio was a badass. my wife and i just watched that last month. simon schama is cool too.

BCM said...

Those lights are Great! Can I have one?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Of course, Anything for you Kim.....:o)