Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My friend Cindy and I took a road trip to L.A. this past weekend to visit my best friend and her cute lil babies. We also stopped at Joshua Tree but we didn't get to see much due to the fact that we went in the East entrance and not the West. I was good and wasn't a super consumer like I usually am in L.A. I steered clear of Melrose and only hit a few stores. Scored a cute blue polka dot tank at Aardvarks in Venice and the boy behind the counter even gave me a discount because he dug my outift/hat ;o)

We stopped at Palm Springs/Palm Desert to check out the town and hit up a few thriftshops. Didn't score anything good except a conversation with a shop owner who could tell by the way I was dressed that I was looking for vintage. He then went on to tell us how he was one of the original vintage vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. My mouth was watering with all the stuff he said he used to sell. When we arrived in Venice we stopped by the Venice Beach Eco Cottages and Cynthia gave us a tour. They were SO nice and the Cottages are SO SO SO CUTE! If you ever need a place to stay be sure you stay there.

Jazmine, Brian, Cindy, the babies and I went to look at some NICE ass houses in the Pacific Palisades that overlooked the ocean. I can't believe how much property is in L.A. We hit Venice beach after that and walked around, got a pitcher of beer and headed back to pick up Jazmine. In the evening we had a girls night out at a nice Italian place on Main Street. We tried to hit up our old haunt the Red Garter but they totally GLAMORIZED it.. it's no longer a cool old dive bar.. SUCKED!

It was a nice time and i'm glad I got away. I wish the sun was warmer so we could have laid on the beach but there's always next time. I still can't believe how good I was at not shopping while there. I'm slowly cleaning out junk from my apartment and making progress with not buying TONS of clothes I do not need. Hopefully it will last.

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