Wednesday, September 3, 2008

chicago trip


Al's cafe and creamery. YUMMMMY!

Yoli at Al's

An old high school friend -Paul

The Gasthaus.. I drank one too many Jack and Cokes here and got a bit crazy. Made a few new friends....

A funny game warning

Twin glasses- David ... He's coming to visit soon YAY!

David, my lil brother Shane, Mikey and me

My little brother Shane

The one on the right was missing-look how cool the stained glass is in the city

not far from Wrigleyfield

I love the rounded corner windows...

Cool artwork on the side of a newspaper machine

the basement of a vintage shop in Chicago

the upstairs of the vintage shop.. they had THE best vintage t-shirt collection. none were for sale tho ;o(

More pics inside the vintage shop

This post had one too many bills posted!

Love this vintage shop -Hollywood Mirror

I bought the Evil Knievel (sp?) had on the lower left and the monkey one in the pic below but somewhere between Oberweiss ice cream shop and yoli's house I lost them.. so sad! UGH!

this rad building was for rent.. look at the details on the door knobs below

There was a Cubs game so it was a bit hectic downtown

These city busses had to have gone on for at least a mile....row after row of busses waiting for all the ballpark peeps

These bleachers are on top of townhomes behind the baseball field.

Cool old Chicago buildings

This guy had a TON of cans

I finally got to meet my friend Kenne's cute lil daughter Caiden. She's so funny and so adorable! His wife is so pretty and she's expecting baby #2!! Hopefully it doesnt take me 3 years to meet the next baby ;o)

Taking my lil brothers old 50s bike for a ride

Shane and his bike

Shanes new house in Elgin. It's pretty nice and the whole basement is finished off.

I have always loved the old houses in Elgin.. so RAD!


The details on this house were out of this world!



Anonymous said...

That vintage shop is cool as crap. The sesame street display creeps me out though.

You tattoos are great. Have you done a post showcasing them?


Emily said...

Ooo, super awesome houses! I love the residential architecture in Chicago, it's ever-so-slightly *different.*