Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Randoms

I took the dogs on a long hike up the big mountain behind our house and I think I may have overdone it with Atilla. She's about 11 years old and the next day she was sick and this is all she would do when I took her to my parents house. She's here at work with me now and she seems to be doing much better. I wont be taking her on any more long hikes.
Sherman's Bday party was Saturday and Jamie did a great job. S'mores cupcakes and video game competitions. I won the Combat (Atari) comp-woo hoo!
They were playing some weird Japanese game where you rolled over stuff with a ball and the ball would get bigger and bigger. I did not play that one tho-I really do suck at video games.

I wish I had these records!
I love their living room
and the awesome jukebox!
Sherman showing off his bday gift from Joe.
Jamie is a crafty lady and made this cute button necklace.


Ms.Lou said...

I suck at video games too.
I tired Henry out at softball, poor guy could barely walk the rest of the day, and he is only 4yrsold.
Nice necklace.

woodenheart said...

that's crazy you know them too. my friend erin was in their wedding and they came out to portland for hers last august. i heard a REALLY sad story about dogs and heat exhaustion. take care of atilla.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

It's a small town ;o) I've known Sherman for years and years. I remember seeing Erin at their wedding also. I def will never bring atilla up that mountain again-i'd feel horrible if i killed my dog with heat exhaustion.. EEK!!! She's here at work with me now laying behind me.