Monday, July 11, 2011

Chicago and Suburbs

My lil bro Shane and his rad '57

Pizza mmmmmm

 so dark.. me and my favorite painter Rachel. Ya know, I was actually going to wear my contact lenses this night but I am a nerd and neglected to read the HUGE red warning label on Haley's contact len's solution that said "DO NO PUT IN YOUR EYE" ... needless to say, I burned my left eyeball and ruined my contact lens.
 Yoli and David.
 Inside Kuma's. I wasn't that impressed with Kuma's. It was cool and good but I don't think i'd wait the normal 1+ hour it usually is to eat there. I was impressed with the beers. I had a Banana Bread Beer!!

 One of the best secret snapshops i've ever taken. I had the camera at my waist and was looking the other way. It's amazingly perfect-so happy!!!
 David and Captain Awesome.

My Brothers bad ass Falcon. I wish it was running-it only goes into 1st and 2nd gear so it was a no go. They are one of my all time fav's.
LOVE EAR ART shirt, thanks Gen!!!!

Never enough time to accomplish all I want to in the City. Next time i'm taking the red eye out Friday and coming back on a Tuesday. I had a nice time and it was good to see my family, David, Yoli, Haley and Rachel ;o)
and a shitty sounding video I made at the Archers of Loaf show Saturday. Look how steady it is-damn-i'm usually all fidgety. I don't know why some of my pics are in black boxes, forgive blogger for that.

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Ms.Lou said...

Great family photo!